Fruit Day at Martinet School

Wednesdays is Fruit Day at Martinet School. For few years now Martinet School was recognised as a Green School for the Local Authorities, and since then we encourage our students to bring a piece of fruit as snack for morning break time.

Normally the most popular fruit changes depending on season. At the moment, and as it is shown in the presentation below, the most popular fruits are bananas and apples. Most of our students bring at least a piece / portion of fruit. Less than 14% of students don’t bring / forget bringing fruit on Wednesday.

Our objectives are to reduce the number of students who don’t bring fruit on Wednesdays, to extend Fruit Day to a second day of the week and to encourage students to bring more varied fruit.

Sports students practice at Martinet School

At Martinet School we have participated in a survey where students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 have answered questions regarding sport and physical education. We wanted to know which is the most practiced sport and how many sports do students practice.

The results show that the most practiced sport is swimming. The reason for that may be that swimming lessons are part of the after-school activities organised by the Parent’s Association. Apart from swimming, other populars sports for our students are football, basketball and dancing.

Another important thing that we have noticed with this survey is that around 8% of students don’t practice any sport at all and 40% practice just one. One of our aim with the Erasmus+ HAPPENS project is to encourage all students to practice at least one sport and to increase the number of sports boys and girls practice for those who already are involved just in one.

You can see more information about that survey in the following presentation: