How do we relax at Martinet School?

At Martinet School we have been talking and sharing how do we relax. We have shared our ideas among our friends and have shown them how we do it. After that we draw on a shield, a symbol of protection, the activities that help us relax better.




One thought on “How do we relax at Martinet School?

  1. I shared your chosen shields with the 5th class students in Mr. Mannion’s Class and they were so impressed with your students’ talent in art and drawing. I told them they just have to take their time, think of what they want to draw and not rush!

    Thanks for sharing your shield and Manuel will see the shields displayed when he comes to visit our school in April!

    Now I will try to write something in Spanish (because I don’t speak/write in Catalan)…

    Yo quiero volver otra vez a Escola Martinet porque es una escuela muy bonita y muy grande. Mi escuela es muy naciente y no tenemos mucho espacie (space?) por los estudiantes y los profesores.

    Ok, hasta luego!


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