Claddagh Explores Islands of Emotions

After having a successful workshop with a psychologist and sociologist in Athens with our partner school colleagues, our Claddagh teachers, Ms. Asgard, Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Lee are now demonstrating a teaching approach in the curriculum area SPHE and Drama back at our own school. The approach is  called “Islands of Emotions.” They are demonstrating the approach for Claddagh class teachers so that they can learn a new methodology about how to encourage students to explore their own emotions through drama.

Children are encouraged to speak about the sensory (colours, sounds, musical instruments/songs, smells, tastes) feedback they get when feeling particular emotions. They are asked to act out in a body or facial expression how it feels to have that emotion and think deeply about how each emotion feels while one experiences that emotion.

The children in Mr. Walshe’s Fourth Class enjoyed exploring the Islands of Emotions activities with Ms. Asgard. The children now understand how vital it is to share and understand their own emotions; both positive and negative emotions are important to share and understand.

Our school’s favourite fruit

Greece is a Mediterranean country with a warm climate and a very fertile soil which produces a big variety of fruits. Depending on the season, we have the opportunity to  consume various fruits which offer a big range of different tastes as well as nutritious ingredients.

Children are encouraged to eat fruit every day since fruits can be found in every household and fruits are quite often their school snack, too.

However, the Fruit Day is also there for students who are not yet convinced to bring and eat their fruit at school.

In order to find out which are the fruits our students love most we got them to vote:

fruit galop

And these are the results:

greek favourite fruit in englishfavourite fruit

fruit winners_english

ZSG nr 2 in Radomsko – The Guinness record in the largest cooking lesson of a healthy breakfast

Our school for many years instils in students healthy eating habits, participating in the national campaign “Breakfast gives you power.” This year we decided to enroll in the Guinness Book of Records, joining beating the record by children from Polish schools. For this purpose, on 6 November 2015. at. 10.00 am, ZSG No. 2 as the only school in Radomsko organized the biggest lesson in of cooking a healthy breakfast. 192 students from classes I – III of early childhood education and nursery unit joined the project. Teachers and parents helped us. In general, 222 people stood at breakfast tables. The event was registered by a camera and watched by witnesses and observers. The lesson was successful and at the end everyone could eat healthy sandwiches, cottage cheese and fruit skewers.

In May, we received the results of the National Team Program “Breakfast Gives the Power”. Our school has contributed to the establishment by Polish students the Guinness record in the largest cooking lesson of a healthy breakfast. We received the congratulation letter and diplomas.

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Our favourite sport

In our country children practise sports a lot since most of them  belong to sports teams or sports clubs where they train in the afternoons or at the weekends. In addition, sports are also practised in schools  all of which have Physical Education teachers. In our school there are two P.E. teachers and children get from 2 to 4 hours of P.E. per week.

As a consequence, students are usually involved in one, two or even three different sports. When we conducted a survey concerning their favourite sports, the results were the following:

So, these are our  3 most loved and most practised sports:

sports winners_english

Fruit day at 11th Primary School of Haidari, in Greece

In  the 11th Primary School of Haidari, Monday is not an ordinary day anymore. Monday is our Fruit Day! Every Monday  students are expected to bring or buy and consume at least one fruit taking part in a school contest. In this contest classes earn 1,2 or 3 stars depending on the number of students who eat fruit and at the end of the month the class which has more stars gets an award.

This is our fruit day poster:

fruit day poster (1)

However, this contest is not the only thing that happens in our school on Mondays. Teachers also organize a variety of activities related to fruits in order to familiarize students with them and to promote their consumption  throughout the week.

Decorating a fruit tree, playing a fruit snakes and ladders game, doing fruit crossword puzzles  and preparing  fruit salads are only some of the activities that have taken place in our school so far.


2015-12-07 12.14.12



The Posters of our Erasmus+HAPPENS program

Our  Erasmus+ HAPPENS program  wishes to improve the health and well-being of our school communities through organized actions concerning its three fields of interest which are nutrition, sports and mental health. Based on the rationale of this program which is also stated in our Project Manifesto we have created the following posters. These are aimed to accompany our Project Manifesto and by visualizing its principles, to encourage teachers, students, parents and local  community to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

All four posters depict a scale which is used as a symbol of the balance we need in our lives.

The first poster concerns nutrition and it offers a choice between healthy and unhealthy food stating at the same time which are the consequences of each choice.

nutrition poster

The second poster concerns sports and contrasts physical activity with sedentary life stating once again the consequences of the choice one can make.

sports poster

The third poster concerns mental health and focuses on alienation vs social interaction. The consequences of each of the choices are present so that the readers  can decide bearing in mind what comes along with their decisions.

mental health poster

The fourth poster is somehow the key to the previous ones showing a happy child who has made all the choices that can lead to a balanced life, a life  full of health and well-being.

choices poster (1)

The importance of hand hygiene in the Greek School

Healthy eating does not only concern consuming healthy food. It also concerns making sure that your hands are clean enough so that microbes do not accompany your food in its way into your mouth!

The 6th grade students of our school had the chance to take part in a very interesting workshop about hand hygiene, organised by Ms Akrivi Arvanity, the Supervisor of the Health Visitors Unit of Thriassio General Hospital. In that workshop, they studied the importance of washing their  hands thoroughly and they were also taught how to do it properly.


The visitor teachers during our Erasmus LTTA meeting also had the opportunity to attend that workshop, which can now be presented by themselves in all the other schools that take part in the  Erasmus+ HAPPENS project.

Relaxing Shields

A shield is what protects the soldier in the battlefield. Assuming that we are soldiers and life is a battle against stress and everyday pressure then what would our shield be? Well, the answer is quite simple if we consider what can help us fight against anxiety and thus protect our mental health; it’s relaxing activities!

Since relaxing can act as a protection against stress that’s why we thought that it would be important to familiarize our students with what makes them feel calm and happy when they are under pressure by assigning them the creation of the “Relaxing Shields” , an activity in which all 6 schools from our Erasmus+ HAPPENS  team took part. This mental health related activity was completed when the representatives from each school exchanged their relaxing shields with those of other countries during the first LTTA meeting, which took place in our school, the 11th Primary School of Haidari in Athens, Greece.

These are the Greek Shields that our students prepared and offered to our Erasmus+ HAPPENS partners.


And these are the shields that we received from the students from Spain, Ireland, Wales, Poland and Italy.


Thank you all!

Take and Taste…A Claddagh School Vegetable Initiative

Take a taste. Bring and Eat, Leave at home the Sweets @ St Nicholas Primary School, Claddagh, Co. Galway Ireland!

As part of the Erasmus+ Programme the Nutrition, Rest and Sleep Committee noted there was a need to try an encourage and increase our pupils’ vegetable consumption. The Committee decided to roll out a project which has been named Take a taste, Bring and Eat, Leave at home the sweets.

We are currently in the first stage of the project. Take a Taste. The first stage involves each class tasting two different vegetables twice a week. One vegetable is given on Monday and Wednesday and the second vegetable of the week is given on Tuesday and Thursday.

It was decided the Junior Classes would receive a reward of a sticker each day they tried a new vegetable. The Senior classes have a record sheet on which they receive a tick each time they try a vegetable. When they receive 5 ticks they receive a Homework Pass for written homework. We believe these are great incentives to encourage children to try new vegetables and to enjoy the experience..

Timeline for Take and taste. Continue reading