Relaxing Shields

A shield is what protects the soldier in the battlefield. Assuming that we are soldiers and life is a battle against stress and everyday pressure then what would our shield be? Well, the answer is quite simple if we consider what can help us fight against anxiety and thus protect our mental health; it’s relaxing activities!

Since relaxing can act as a protection against stress that’s why we thought that it would be important to familiarize our students with what makes them feel calm and happy when they are under pressure by assigning them the creation of the “Relaxing Shields” , an activity in which all 6 schools from our Erasmus+ HAPPENS  team took part. This mental health related activity was completed when the representatives from each school exchanged their relaxing shields with those of other countries during the first LTTA meeting, which took place in our school, the 11th Primary School of Haidari in Athens, Greece.

These are the Greek Shields that our students prepared and offered to our Erasmus+ HAPPENS partners.


And these are the shields that we received from the students from Spain, Ireland, Wales, Poland and Italy.


Thank you all!

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