Fruit day at 11th Primary School of Haidari, in Greece

In  the 11th Primary School of Haidari, Monday is not an ordinary day anymore. Monday is our Fruit Day! Every Monday  students are expected to bring or buy and consume at least one fruit taking part in a school contest. In this contest classes earn 1,2 or 3 stars depending on the number of students who eat fruit and at the end of the month the class which has more stars gets an award.

This is our fruit day poster:

fruit day poster (1)

However, this contest is not the only thing that happens in our school on Mondays. Teachers also organize a variety of activities related to fruits in order to familiarize students with them and to promote their consumption  throughout the week.

Decorating a fruit tree, playing a fruit snakes and ladders game, doing fruit crossword puzzles  and preparing  fruit salads are only some of the activities that have taken place in our school so far.


2015-12-07 12.14.12



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