Our school’s favourite fruit

Greece is a Mediterranean country with a warm climate and a very fertile soil which produces a big variety of fruits. Depending on the season, we have the opportunity to  consume various fruits which offer a big range of different tastes as well as nutritious ingredients.

Children are encouraged to eat fruit every day since fruits can be found in every household and fruits are quite often their school snack, too.

However, the Fruit Day is also there for students who are not yet convinced to bring and eat their fruit at school.

In order to find out which are the fruits our students love most we got them to vote:

fruit galop

And these are the results:

greek favourite fruit in englishfavourite fruit

fruit winners_english

One thought on “Our school’s favourite fruit

  1. We love watermelon here, to, but it’s not that easy to get year round and they definitely do NOT grow here in Ireland! 🙂 Brrr….too cold!


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