Ag Sugradh le Cheil (Playing Together) at Claddagh National School

We all know the proven  positive health benefits of laughter and play for children. However, did you know that ‘play’ is also excellent for stress relief for adults as well? One excellent programme which was organised by our school Home School Community Liaison Teacher, Yvonne Fahy, along with the Health Service Executive is the Ag Sugradh le Cheile Programme. (Playing Together Programme)

This programme facilitated the active engagement of play between parents and their children. This benefitted both the children and their parents in terms of keeping children in touch with their parents as well as bringing out the more playful child-like side of their parents. It also allowed parents to learn new creative was of playing with their children which could encourage children to reduce the amount of time spent on ‘screens’ (i.e. tablets, television, games consoles, laptops).

As you can see from the photos, the parents and the children are having  fantastic time playing with each other! Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most healthy for our souls!

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