Claddagh School Fourth Class Builds a Weekly Menu


Build a Daily Menu

Build a Weekly Menu

By Mr. Leonard’s 4th Class

Today is Thursday, March 3rd, 2016. Mr. Leonard was not at school today so Ms. Asgard took over.

We built our very own weekly menus in small groups of five. Each child got a plate labelled: Morning, morning snack, Lunch, 2nd Snack and Dinner. There were a lot of foods to choose from. Ms. Asgard put on some silly music and the children in the group had to pick their food items for their meal while the music was playing. When the music stopped, the children had to stop choosing food items.
Each group was given a day’s menu to plan. We had to make sure we didn’t choose too many sugary foods on the menu or choose the same foods too many times in a row. Also we had to make sure we didn’t choose too much food for each meal or snack.
Our Principal, Mr. Gallagher, came down to have a look while we were doing this activity. He said it’s ok to have donuts sometimes because they are really nice.
Mr. Geraghty came to visit as well. He is the teacher in charge of Physical Education at our school. He is super healthy and fit!
After each day group chose their foods, the other children graded the menu. The children stuck the foods onto the plates with Blu-Tak. Ms. Asgard doesn’t understand why children are so fascinated with Blu-Tak but they are!
After that, Ms. Asgard took some photos of the children and their plates. You can see the pictures of us right here!
We had so much fun! We will all think more about choosing healthier foods to eat. We also figured out that if you’re having a special day like a birthday or some other celebration, it’s ok to eat some unhealthy foods but not to do that too often!
Since we were the first class in the school to do this activity with Ms. Asgard, she learned a lot, too. She knows she has to make more beverages (drinks) for the children to choose from and also make some of the foods smaller!
We missed Mr. Leonard today and we know that he would have loved being here!


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