Walking in nature

Throughout the Erasmus Project our students were asked to think about activities that are enjoyable and relaxing for them. Among other ,activities in nature seemed quite essential to our children ‘s well-being.

So, we thought that some mild exercise in a beautiful and safe location in the company of our parents and teachers would have multiple benefits. On one hand ,being active and on the other hand more contact with our family and nature.

We have already organised three monthly walks with fifth and sixth grade students and their parents. We aim in engaging all classes for the rest of the year and the following.
Here are some photos of our walks.


walking in nature from erasmusathenshaid11 on Vimeo.

One thought on “Walking in nature

  1. What beautiful countryside and what a great idea to get the children and families out and about in the fresh air. Ah, we wish we had the weather for it here in Galway! We’re looking forward to sharing our city with you the way you shared beautiful Athens with us!
    Thanks for the video!
    Galway Team!


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