Promoting Positive Mental Health Lesson in First Class in the Claddagh National School

Promoting positive mental health with Ms. Lee’s First Class in the Claddagh National School

The children in 1st class have been working on emotions/feelings. They follow a number of steps which allow them to deal with any emotion they experience. They use the worksheets to help them in this process.

First they must acknowledge/identify the feeling. They do this by labelling the feeling and naming times when they feel this way. Next, they identify where they feel it in their bodies. They also assign a colour to each feeling.

After this they think of ways that they can express the feeling in a positive way.

This activity is encouraging the children to acknowledge and accept their feelings while also giving them new ways to deal with their feelings in a healthy manner.

Partner school teachers who are travelling to Galway for the Learning Teaching and Training Activity in May 2016 will have the pleasure of seeing master teacher Jennifer Lee demonstrate this lesson in front of two classes!


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