Suitcases of emotions

As part of the Erasmus programme aiming at Mental Health, third and fourth grade pupils during Drama class did a project on emotions combining Drama games and Art.
The pupils were inspired by a Greek modernist painter Alexis Akrithakis and made suitcases similar to the ones the artist has created but the children related them to emotions.
The pupils of third grade converted them into suitcases of emotions where they put notes with feelings they experience all day and perhaps want to share with their classmates.
Pupils of fourth grade defined them as suitcases of friendship. Through drama games they decided what kind of friend they are looking for and what they expect from a friendship.
Then this suitcase carries messages of love and friendship among them.

suitcase of emotions from erasmusathenshaid11 on Vimeo.

One thought on “Suitcases of emotions

  1. This is a beautiful idea on introducing and encouraging good friendship skills. Great work, Athens! We have enjoyed the video and can’t wait to continue making new friendships with you next week in Galway!
    Galway Team!


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