Vegetable Day in 11th Primary School of Haidari, Athens

Vegetable Day in 11th Primary School of Haidari, Athens
The students of our School were pleasantly surprised to find a vegetable stand placed in our patio on Monday! There, they had the chance to taste three different kinds of vegetables, tomato, cucumber and carrot, offered to them in plastic cups during the first break.
This action aimed at promoting the consumption of vegetables in general and especially as a school snack and it ended up being a great success as students keep asking if it is going to be repeated every Monday!
Well, that gives us a chance to establish Friday as our School Vegetable Day ,as Monday is already set to be our Fruit Day.
Hopefully, children and their families will be positively influenced and will adopt healthier eating habits and, in our case, healthier school snacks!

η γιορτή των λαχανικών 2 from erasmusathenshaid11 on Vimeo.

One thought on “Vegetable Day in 11th Primary School of Haidari, Athens

  1. Well done on the lovely video. All of the food looks so healthy and so delicious. We are missing the beautiful yummy food we enjoyed in Athens when we visited and are looking forward to welcoming you to Galway next week!
    Galway Team!


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