Health Day w ZSG nr 2 in Radomsko


Last week, as part of the project Erasmus Plus H.A.P.P.E.N.S. in our school we held a “Health Day”. Its organizers were the ladies: Agnieszka Gregorek-cone, Catherine Wojtala, Agnieszka Gębołyś, Krystyna Vodka, Aneta Wiecha, Joanna Wideryńska and
p. Adam Kołodziejski. It was awesome. Promotion of healthy lifestyle started with the fun in “Seven Stones”. This sports game we have learned from our friends in Greece. Competition for students in grades IV-VI and teachers prepared and conducted p. Adam Kołodziejski.

We watched the show Fri. “Healthy Little Red Riding Hood,” in which students performed a Class VI.
The biggest attraction of the “Health Day” was a meeting with the vice-Olympic wrestling, p. Peter Stepien. He presented us the story of his great sporting career and familiarize with the principles of this ancient discipline of the Olympic, which are stocks.

We also had the opportunity to see a demonstration training, performed by young wrestlers from our school. Everyone willing and courageous can try their hand and for a moment feel like Olympic athletes in ancient Greece. After the sports activities held tasting Mediterranean dishes.

Everyone could taste the healthy and colorful salads and delicious snacks prepared by students.

According to many students, “Health Day” was the coolest and most delicious day at school.

2 thoughts on “Health Day w ZSG nr 2 in Radomsko

  1. It was great to see our good friend Adam and please say hello to him from the Galway team! Your children seemed to enjoy the wrestling experience ! Well done on the fitness!
    Galway Team!


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