Abariza, a Greek traditional game

The game was played in the old days but it’s also played today. It is an outdoors game and it can be played by children ages six to eleven.

You play in two teams. Every team chooses a column, or a tree for “home”. The game starts.
The aim of the game is to manage to touch the other team’s home and say “ABARISA”. This means you have conquer the other team’s home and your team wins.

To go out of your home, you should say “ABARISA”. A child from team “A” says “ABARISA” and exits. Another child from team “B” exits too. The second child tries to catch the first one so he/she doesn’t conquer
his “home”. In the same way and at the same time, a second child from team A exits trying to catch the child from team B and a second child from B exits trying to catch the second child of team A and so on.

If a child catches someone, he/she goes to jail. If his team says “xele” he is free again and the game continues. If the one team says “ABARISA” in the other teams “home”, they win and the game finishes.


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