“Internet addiction and ways to overcome it”

At the beginning of the Erasmus+ Happens project we have undertaken, all the partner schools have decided to do a survey so as to evaluate the level of health and well-being of our students, teachers and parents.

After studying the results of the survey in our school, we have discovered that a high number of students spend quite a long time on computers and the internet.

So based on the results of the survey, one of the  three primary goals of our project has become to help  decrease the time dedicated to screens by our students, especially before going to bed.

A first attempt to deal with this issue was to organize at our school a seminar for all members of our school community.

Parents, teachers and students watched with great interest the presentation :

« Internet addiction and ways to overcome it » that was given in our school by Mr. Nikos Papastergiou, clinical psychologist and Mr. Panayiotis Makridis, journalist .

The speakers analyzed  thoroughly symptoms, causes of the problem and ways to deal with this addiction so that worried parents would know what to look for and where to ask for help and children where to put an end.

Many thanks to our willing speakers for their voluntary offer to inform us about such a hot issue.


One thought on ““Internet addiction and ways to overcome it”

  1. That sounds like a very interesting talk. I’m sure you learned a lot of new things and who ever knew we’d be addicted to the Internet!!


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