Family Fest in ZSG no2

On 11 June 2016 r. our school organised the Family Fest “We are one family – with a smile after the health.” In fine weather, as every year, students, parents, teachers and school staff met in order to spend time together. For years, we promote a healthy lifestyle – we encourage everyone to play sports and healthy eating, so it was also this time. For the willing sport contests waited such as volleyball match and “7 stones game”:in both adults versus youth. Colorful stalls with goodies encouraged to eat. “Tastes of the World” proposed the dishes from different countries. Elsewhere one could have delicious waffles, sausages from the grill, cabbage with peas, cold drinks and ice cream. In the cafe everyone could relax with a cup of aromatic coffee and homemade cakes. There was also a stall with honey from a friendly apiary. The youngest enjoyed most the inflatable, eurobangee water balls. During this time, parents could relax at the massage therapist’s. On the stage our students presented many artistic shows and one of them was “Healthy Red Riding Hood” performance. Dance shows such as Zumba performed by students of grade I and ballroom dance gathered lots of applause. The novelty was the point of herbal cream production which attracted many interested guests.

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Empathy in the school environment -Workshop for teachers

During our visit in Galway for the  LTTA week, we watched a lecture on compassion: “Managing Emotions the Compassionate Way” by the clinical psychologist  Dr Rόisίn Joice

On our return,  so as to pass on  the knowledge we acquired , we contacted the psychologist Mrs.  Alexandra  Haviara and the sociologist Mrs. Irene  Nikolidaki from  ‘’Arrixis” the Centre of Prevention for Addictions and the Promotion of Mental and Social Health and asked for their help to organize a similar  workshop for our school teachers.

Mrs. Haviara and Mrs.  Nikolidaki had supported us again in January during the LTTA in Athens ,conducting the workshop for visiting teachers:  ‘’Travelling in the Sea of Emotions’’

On Thursday 16th June Mrs. Haviara and Mrs.  Nikolidaki conducted the workshop: ‘’Developing Empathy in the School Environment” during which the teachers in our school had the chance to discuss and explore difficulties teachers ,students and parents may face.

The majority of teachers responded positively to this action as their eager participation and open hearted discussion showed as well as  the evaluation form at the end.

Quite a few asked for a follow up workshop in the next school year and suggested more issues they consider important to improve our school community mental health.

Herbs and their healing powers

After  describing our visit to the lovely garden of seasons in Ireland to  our colleagues ,we presented  them everything  we had learned about herbs and their healing powers.

Then  using the materials and the procedure  suggested by the botanist in St Brigit’s Garden we produced some healing –moisturising face/body cream  with the help of our colleagues .

At the end  every teacher received  a pot of cream, the recipe and the promise to repeat the procedure  in the near future.


Learning about Hurling

While visiting Galway the Greek teachers got acquainted with Hurling ,an ancient game, still very popular in Ireland and Wales and had the opportunity to watch the Irish students play it and also tried it themselves.
When we came back we presented the game and its history to our sixth grade students. Because special equipment is required it was not possible to actually play the game . However the students looked for information in the Internet, found the rules and saw the photos and videos their teachers had taken.
We were very surprised to see our students motivated to find out more about a sport quite distant from Greek reality and realized that this is also communication and exchange of knowledge and experiences with the children of Ireland .

Yoga session  for children and adults

After the unforgettable Yoga-Zen sessions we had in Galway, Ireland  we also organised in our school a yoga session for teachers and their children.

The instructor, Mrs Vicky Vlassi, mother of two of our students offered voluntarily to conduct a yoga session for relaxation and strengthening. The participants enjoyed it greatly and even asked if it could be repeated on a regular basis  the following school year,  offering this way the teachers, students and parents the chance to benefit from this kind of exercise.

Jioga with teachers from erasmusathenshaid11 on Vimeo.

Healthy meal

The students made a list of what they ate and how many glasses of water they drank during the previous day on a worksheet with five fields, one for each meal (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner).

Then they discussed with their teacher Ms Vasilopoulou Elina about their nutritional choices and habits and in the end they managed to select the healthiest meals, which were posted in the classroom and also given out to the students to take them home.

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