Empathy in the school environment -Workshop for teachers

During our visit in Galway for the  LTTA week, we watched a lecture on compassion: “Managing Emotions the Compassionate Way” by the clinical psychologist  Dr Rόisίn Joice

On our return,  so as to pass on  the knowledge we acquired , we contacted the psychologist Mrs.  Alexandra  Haviara and the sociologist Mrs. Irene  Nikolidaki from  ‘’Arrixis” the Centre of Prevention for Addictions and the Promotion of Mental and Social Health and asked for their help to organize a similar  workshop for our school teachers.

Mrs. Haviara and Mrs.  Nikolidaki had supported us again in January during the LTTA in Athens ,conducting the workshop for visiting teachers:  ‘’Travelling in the Sea of Emotions’’

On Thursday 16th June Mrs. Haviara and Mrs.  Nikolidaki conducted the workshop: ‘’Developing Empathy in the School Environment” during which the teachers in our school had the chance to discuss and explore difficulties teachers ,students and parents may face.

The majority of teachers responded positively to this action as their eager participation and open hearted discussion showed as well as  the evaluation form at the end.

Quite a few asked for a follow up workshop in the next school year and suggested more issues they consider important to improve our school community mental health.

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