Learning how to get rid of germs… washing our hands properly and checking them later.

At Martinet school all students are learning the difficulties of getting rid of germs, specially on our hands. For that reason wehave watched some videos in order to learn to follow the right way and after washing our hands we check if they are real clean using a ultraviolet light he have just got in school. It seems like weare investigating… so much fun!!!


The Vegetables Day in 11th Primary School of Haidari

After successfully establishing Monday as our official Fruit Day we have thought that vegetables should also be part of our students school snack .

Baring this in mind, we have set  Friday as our School ‘s Vegetables Day.

Students are encouraged to bring different kinds of vegetables every Friday as well as to include them in their daily diet.

To enforce this healthy eating habit we also plan on  various activities such as                  “The Vegetables Stand” which has already been used in order for students to have the chance to taste vegetables during school break.

This is the poster that we have prepared for the Vegetables Day.

vegetable Friday

Friday is our Vegetable Day. Have you brought your vegetables to school today?