ZSG nr 2 in Radomsko – The Guinness record in the largest cooking lesson of a healthy breakfast

Our school for many years instils in students healthy eating habits, participating in the national campaign “Breakfast gives you power.” This year we decided to enroll in the Guinness Book of Records, joining beating the record by children from Polish schools. For this purpose, on 6 November 2015. at. 10.00 am, ZSG No. 2 as the only school in Radomsko organized the biggest lesson in of cooking a healthy breakfast. 192 students from classes I – III of early childhood education and nursery unit joined the project. Teachers and parents helped us. In general, 222 people stood at breakfast tables. The event was registered by a camera and watched by witnesses and observers. The lesson was successful and at the end everyone could eat healthy sandwiches, cottage cheese and fruit skewers.

In May, we received the results of the National Team Program “Breakfast Gives the Power”. Our school has contributed to the establishment by Polish students the Guinness record in the largest cooking lesson of a healthy breakfast. We received the congratulation letter and diplomas.

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I.C. A GATTO-Erasmus HAPPENS-“Wellbeing and mental art project”

This art project is  linked to  Erasmus Happens.  We decided to start it in October with a classroom where  we found a lot of familiar and  personal problems. The Art teacher introduced   some artists like Mirò,  Pollock, Picasso, Andy Wharol, Van Gogh and Matisse. The goal of the project was to make the students aware of the  importance to express ourselves  with  art when we are depressed,  anxious, alone.

I.C. A Gatto Battipaglia. The Mile Project

This year our school has organized  the project “The Mile”;  it is  linked to Erasmus HAPPENS to promote healthy lifestyles. During the P.E. lessons, once a week, the students have gone to the park very close to school. After doing some training, they have run or walked one mile,  as they liked. The goal has been to remove  stress during the lesson and to take care of their wellbeing.