End- of- primary school farewell ceremony – a celebration of emotions

Very touched and full of sweet  memories, sixth grade students said goodbye to their  teachers and schoolmates after a six- year-journey  in primary school.

F1 students holding a paper boat, remembered their struggle for adapting , making friends and becoming recognised. They also reminded us of what they acquired: self confidence, respect, love for justice and honesty, faith, politeness, responsibility and ability to work hard which will accompany them from now on.

F2 students read their letters stored in  the “suicase of emotions” and expressed  six-year-long feelings and experiences.Very touching was their first grade teacher speech wishing them all the best in secondary school.

The ceremony ended with the students performing a dance show and  the offering of mementos by the Parents Association who also provided  a joyful party for all school students  with live music,eating and dancing. A great evening that will be remembered for a long time.


“Support System”

Students from the 5th grade created a worksheet named “Support System”, which completed a series of activities included in the “Book of feelings” we brought back from Ireland. Following a conversation, students were asked to fill in the concentric circles with the names of relatives and friends, who are close to them and are being supportive. What a great activity!