Project Manifesto and Posters, Escola Martinet

The responsible for Education  in Cornellà de Llobregat, Ms Montserrat Perez Lancho, visited Escola Martinet. During her visit we handed her our Project manifesto and the Project posters. She was very impressed with our work and she would like to take this project further and make it a City Project involving all the other schools and local community. We agreed to arrange future meetings in order to prepare the implementation programme.

Herbal cream production in ZSG nr 2

After our visit to Bridget Gardens in Ireland, we shared the news about the healing properties of herbs with our colleagues.

During  the Family Picnic, we presented to parents and teachers the necessary ingredients and the method of herbal cream production, which is perfect for the face and body. Anyone could take a sample of it. The stand with the cream production was very popular among the participants of the  picnic.



Naming the emotions in ZSG nr 2

Children were supposed to call the emotions felt in certain situations. At the beggining of the classes they tried to stage a particular emotion with gestures and facial expressions and then to choose the colour associated with the emotion and mark the part of the body affected by this emotion.

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