Greek students cooking for Erasmus+HAPPENS

Last year our fifth grade students prepared Greek traditional dishes for the vsiting teachers in Athens LTTA. This year they went back to the kitchen bringing along the whole family this time.

Greek students are preparing the famous Greek salad which accompanies most Greek dishes and sometimes replaces them on a hot day. It is extremely easy to make.


Greek students are preparing meatballs with savoury herbs.Why don’t you try it?


A Greek student is helping her grandmother to make a 20! fyllo traditional cheese pie. It may seem difficult to make if you haven’t got a grandmother at home but give it a try with one or two leaves.


A Greek student is preparing a traditional walnut pie. Yummy!!



“Take & Taste” at Escola Martinet

Following a brilliant idea of our partner school in Ireland, at Escola Martinet we have also organised our “Take & Taste” activity, and it was a great success!!!! We have now planned to organised this activity, at least, once each term with seasonal vegetable and fruit. Today our students could taste: carrots, raisins, custard apples, avocados, quince, figs. The school provided all the ingredients for 450 students and we would like to thank to the help of some volunteer mums who came to help us preparing the activity. We also prepared some follow-up activities that were done back in the classrooms.
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