Greek students’ affirmations

One of the student activities for our Erasmus project was to write their own affirmations. So 6th grade students wrote down their thoughts, ideas, news and used their imagination to make their newspaper.

Students split in groups, wrote their articles and then processed them on the computer.

Our school newspaper is done! It was put up in each classroom for all students to read in Greek.


A better form of our newspaper in Greek:


Then students adapted the same articles in English so that  their affirmations can be shared with all partner schools in the Erasmus project .


Our 3rd grade students working in teams wrote their nutritional affirmations on big posters .

“Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamines”

“I eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and happy”

“Fruits make me stronger”

“Fruits and vegetables give me energy”

“One fruit every day keeps the doctor away”

They placed them at central points of our school patio the day  we organised our Fruit Art exibition.




Our 4th grade students expressed their nutritional affirmations by making collage posters.

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