Introducing emotions and the use of them (A26)

On Friday 23rd December 2016 the Erasmus+ Happens team invited the teachers and the parents of our school students who very willingly gathered to hear the latest news from the LTTA in  Wales in November 2016 but also a short review of the activities organised so far in the Erasmus project.

We shared with them what we learnt about the Restorative Approach, an innovative way to involve students more in the school life,  which is implemented in the Welsh school  and aims in making happier, more active students.

We pointed out the importance of sleep and rest for students and the benefits from eating healthily including as many superfoods as possible as we were taught by Welsh specialists.

We also showed them the John Lewis Christmas video which was used by our Welsh collegue to introduce us to the activity of emotions she uses in her classes and which we have already shown in our sixth grade students  to trigger discussion about feelings and the ideals of giving and sharing.

Parents were greatly interested in all the information they received and encouraged us, as they always do, to carry on introducing new ideas which will improve school life.

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