Cooking Recipe Book


After a long wait our fantastic Recipe Book is ready. Students from all six countries have prepared some of their favourite recipes so you all can cook them. You can also have a look at the videos. Are you a good Cook? Would you like to show us your skills? Why don’t you try cooking some of these recipes and send us pictures or a video? You can send your media to We are looking forward to see your results!!!



WelshCakes (Wales)

Aphrodite’s Walnut Pie Recipe (Greece)

Welshcakes with Cherries (Wales)

Greek Salad (Greece)

Crema Catalana (Spain)

 Apple Crumble (Ireland)

Gazpacho (Spain)

Boxty (Ireland)

Caprese Salad (Italy)

Pancakes (poland)

Cheese Pie (Greece)

Brownie (Spain)

Bacon & Cabbage (Ireland)

Meatballs (Greece)

Spanish Omellette (Spain)

Ham & Cheese Omelette (Spain)

Sour Rye Soup (Poland)

Apple Crumble (Ireland)

Chocolate Cake (Spain)

Heart Shaped Welshcakes (Wales)

Welshcakes (Wales)

Chocolate Cake (Spain)

Orange Cake (Spain)

Gachas Cordobesas (Spain)

Fried Bread (Spain)

Flowers Pizzelle (Italy)

Small Boats (Spain)

Hallowe’en Cake (Spain)

Deviled Eggs (Spain)

Arroz a la Cubana (Spain)


One thought on “Cooking Recipe Book

  1. I’m a terrible cook (Annie Asgard) at most things but I’m going to try some of these. Yum yum! Thanks for the recipes, partners! 🙂


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