Art & Relaxation – Claddagh NS

The Claddagh school staff were invited to create a piece of art today. We looked and responded to a painting by Wassily Kandinsky, The piece “In Blue” was painted in 1925 in Russia. We looked at the painting and participants  used words like, strong, straight, colourful, travel, angles and masculinity to describe this abstract piece. The teachers also could see images like tomato, rooster and light house in the painting.  Participants were then invited to paint a response to the painting, people painted a mix of abstract and representational work. They mixed colours as they were only offered the 3 primary colours and white. All participants enjoyed the time to sit, chat and create. It is a practice we could build into our term, perhaps once a term meet at lunch time just to sit, chat and create. I believe that creative practice not only allows a space to relax but also a space to connect with other participants.

Presentations of super foods and wonderful herbs to parents and teachers (A39-A30)

The students of the 5th and 6th grade of the 11th Primary school of Haidari presented their digital work (ppt) on the herbs of our country and their research on super foods to the students, teachers and parents of our school.

The students of the 3rd and 4rth grade presented also their paper team work on the wondeful herbs, their research and their posters to teachers and parents of our school.

After a short break for a super food snak and a cup of greek mountain tea, the erasmus+HAPPENS team prepared a moisturising body cream to offer to the parents and teachers of our school using natural materials: Beeswax, almond oil, chamomile decoction and lavender essential oil.  Thank you Galway for this great recipe!!!

It was a very interesting seminar to all of us!

A walking tour in Diomedious Botanic Garden with students and parents. (A37-A38)

On Sunday 2nd April 2017 the Erasmus team of our school organised a walking tour of the Diomedous  Botanical  Garden  for parents, students and teachers .We all walked up a mountain path through the forest enjoying nature,a beautiful spring morning and each other’s company.

Art Therapy with parents and teachers (A35)

After the session of Art therapy we attended in the Salerno, Italy  LTTA,  the Erasmus team organised a similar session in our school for parents and teachers. In an activity combining art creativity and music, our headteacher mrs Tsilpiridou introduced  the decoupage technique and parents, teachers and students transformed jars, bottles  and old benches and at the same time relaxed  and communicated.

“Wonderful Herbs” and “Superfood” (A40-A31)

Students of the 3rd and 4rth grade of the 11th Primary Schoolof Haidari worked in teams and completed their research on Greek Herbs. They organized their work on the template they had been given and they also created some really beautiful posters to present their team work to the other students of our school, to the teachers and the parents too.

Students of the 5th and 6th grade of our school worked in teams on both herbs and superfood and created their own ppt presentations to show their research to the other students, to their parents and to the teachers of  the school.

Well done to all!!!