Presentations of super foods and wonderful herbs to parents and teachers (A39-A30)

The students of the 5th and 6th grade of the 11th Primary school of Haidari presented their digital work (ppt) on the herbs of our country and their research on super foods to the students, teachers and parents of our school.

The students of the 3rd and 4rth grade presented also their paper team work on the wondeful herbs, their research and their posters to teachers and parents of our school.

After a short break for a super food snak and a cup of greek mountain tea, the erasmus+HAPPENS team prepared a moisturising body cream to offer to the parents and teachers of our school using natural materials: Beeswax, almond oil, chamomile decoction and lavender essential oil.  Thank you Galway for this great recipe!!!

It was a very interesting seminar to all of us!

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