Art & Relaxation – Claddagh NS

The Claddagh school staff were invited to create a piece of art today. We looked and responded to a painting by Wassily Kandinsky, The piece “In Blue” was painted in 1925 in Russia. We looked at the painting and participants  used words like, strong, straight, colourful, travel, angles and masculinity to describe this abstract piece. The teachers also could see images like tomato, rooster and light house in the painting.  Participants were then invited to paint a response to the painting, people painted a mix of abstract and representational work. They mixed colours as they were only offered the 3 primary colours and white. All participants enjoyed the time to sit, chat and create. It is a practice we could build into our term, perhaps once a term meet at lunch time just to sit, chat and create. I believe that creative practice not only allows a space to relax but also a space to connect with other participants.

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