“Wonderful herbs” and “Superfood” in Radomsko

Some of our teachers have conducted classes with the students of 4th and 5th grade about nutritional properties and benefits of herbs. Then the students themselves worked on the search for information on the advantages of different herbs and put them on the worksheets. We did similar activities in search of the benefits of super food.


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Erasmus+ Festival Claddagh N.S. 9th May

Erasmus+ Festival Claddagh N.S. 9th May


We were honoured and delighted to welcome Mairéad McGuinness MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament, to the school as part of our celebrations to mark Europe Day and the successful completion of our two-year Erasmus+ project on health and well-being for both staff and students.

Ms. McGuinness spoke eloquently to the children, staff and parents about the founding dream of the European Union – all the countries of Europe working together peacefully for each other’s benefit – and asked them to remember its importance as they grow up.

She was also treated to a number of dances our children had learned as part of the Erasmus+ project, and some beautiful singing from the school choir. Not exactly a stuffy politician, Ms. McGuinness even joined our musicians Mr. Kelly, Ms. Fahy and Ms. Browne for an impromptu sing-song before she left! We were delighted to see that she later tweeted about how much she enjoyed visiting the school.

The pupils toured the wonderful displays celebrating all the work completed as part of the Erasmus+ project. We watched a great video which highlights all the activities and associated improvements to our health and fitness which have taken place in school thanks to the fantastic project. It was a great chance to celebrate and reflect on all we have achieved!

Claddagh N.S. Erasmus+ Project Highlights from erasmusplus.happens on Vimeo.

Claddagh Teachers and Pupils Erasmus+ Feedback from erasmusplus.happens on Vimeo.

Claddagh National School Nature Walk — A Magical Mystery Nature Treasure Hunt Walk in Our (Unusually) Beautiful Weather


On Monday, May 8th, 2017 a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch of Claddagh National School Staff headed off on a magical mystery treasure hunt organised by our very own tour guide Mr. Joseph Walsh. He set out 15 difficult clues for our clever staff to find on the way to our Salthill Promendade which involved not only fitness, agility … look at Mr. Gabriel Farragher using all his core strength to bend down to look under the bench for the clues but also our mental energy to figure out some of the difficult clues!

Some staff chose to work on the difficult treasure hunt on their own while others worked in teams or pairs! They all did fantastic work and the winners were announced the following day at the Erasmus Plus HAPPENS Festival which was a celebration of Europe Day!

Well done to all our clever staff!! The prizes were food and beverage vouchers from our local restaurants! This was a terrific way to encourage us to get out in nature during a stressful busy time of year while also allowing us to be mindful of the nature around us and improve our mental health. Working together with our colleagues, having a laugh, improving our work / life balance and thinking laterally are all part of the core aims of the Erasmus Plus HAPPENS programme and this activity addressed all those objectives in a fun and active way.

The winners were:

3rd Prize: Mrs. Inez Riordan, Deputy Principal

2nd Prize: Mrs. Keira Glynn & Ms. Jennifer Lee

1st Prize: Mrs. Sara Grier

The impact of emotions-A workshop for parents

On May 3rd 2017 the Erasmus team of the 11th primary school of Haidari organized a workshop for parents with ”ARIXIS”  a centre for the prevention of addictions and the promotion of mental health.

We discussed the impact of emotions on our childrens’  behavior and how parents can communicate with them so that children can handle their positive and negative feelings.