Mr. Leonard’s Fourth Class really enjoyed discussing and displaying different feelings during circle time, all with the help of some Kimochis at the Claddagh National School

Mr. Leonard’s Fourth Class really enjoyed discussing and displaying different feelings during circle time, all with the help of some Kimochis.

We first discussed the various feelings, talking about how some of them were simple and some of them were more complicated; how we liked some and didn’t like others. We also recognised that everybody experiences all different sorts of feelings, and that they are all perfectly normal.

Next, using the Kimochis, we picked four different feelings we would like to examine during the session: brave, sensitive, left out and silly. Taking turns, we passed the Kimochi chart around the room and, at first, completed the sentence: “I feel X when…”

On the next round, we added some fun by adding a demonstration of the feeling before finishing the sentence. The children really enjoyed acting out times when they felt brave (see pictures)!

In the next session, we went on to discuss possible reactions to different emotions, e.g. how feeling left out can often lead to jealousy, which causes us to act in ways that hurt other people. We role-played more positive reactions to feelings we didn’t like.

Overall, these activities were greatly enjoyed by the children, and one of the interesting things about them was that the children got to see that everyone – even their teacher! – experiences all different types of feelings.

Gymnastics Lessons and Plans Explored at Claddagh National School

Teachers were given an explanation of the Gymnastics Scheme used in our Welsh partner school where infant aged children are told a story where animals are used to illustrate various gymnastics poses and actions to help them to understand how to use their bodies in different ways. The resources given to our school were shared with the staff and in particular, with the infant class teachers, who will begin to incorporate these new ideas into the lessons.

Anna Parkinson Disseminates for the Staff — Brain Games and Transition Activities! Our Brains Are Switched ON at Claddagh National School!

Anna Parkinson shared the fun transition activities she learned at the Cardiff LTTA with the staff. As you can see, these brain games and lesson transition activities went over a bomb with the staff who love to learn something they can use the very next day with their students.

In the game seen in the photos, the staff must try to remove their finger from the person beside them while simultaneously trying to grab the finger of the person on the other side of them! We’re not sure the staff are up for this level of eye-hand coordination on a Monday morning after a long January but we did our best and we’re certain the children will love this and the other games we learned from Ms. Parkinson!


Claddagh School Staff Enjoys SIRT SUPER Foods! Mmmmm…Healthy! And Delicious, too!

On Monday, February 6th, the teachers and Special Needs Assistants at the Claddagh National School attended a training event after school given by the staff who attended the Learning Teaching Training Activities week in Cardiff, Wales in November.

The Staff thoroughly enjoyed the tasting session. We savoured a delicious snack of Medjool dates, stuffed with almond nut butter topped with a square of 85% pure dark chocolate. Even the most skeptical taste testers were impressed with this delicious special treat!! We also served high quality coffee, green tea. You can also see a special secret concoction prepared by our very own expert Ms. Brenda Kenny. It was a warming drink with many of the SIRT Ingredients that can help to prevent colds and flus. It including citrus fruits, cayenne pepper and other ingredients! Ms. Kenny also made energy balls which were gobbled up by the hungry staff! This was definitely a popular event and we will enjoy trying the SIRT foods with our families at home!

Thanks to the Welsh team for introducing the concept of SIRT (Super) foods to us and we’ll  enjoy this yummy dissemination!

How we are feeling at Claddagh National Schools Emoji Style!

How we are feeling at Claddagh National Schools Emoji Style!

Our Emoji Alb

Our teachers visited our partner school in Cardiff in November for an LTTA and learned about how to incorporate emojis (emoticons) into our SPHE lessons.

Our colleague Mrs. Rosemary Ledwith and her class enjoyed a lesson and circle time talking and thinking about emotions.  Please enjoy their writing about their feelings!

Some Nuturing Thoughts and Poems from a Claddagh Teacher

From a Claddagh Teacher, Ms. Kelly O’Connell

The following two prayers have been said at school with the students. The two prayers

Letter from a Friend and Footprints are something that the children can draw on if they

don’t feel so great. It is a support that they can draw on have available to them if they

felt that it could be helpful to them ( maybe at a time when they feel, stressed, ill, get

injured, or a parent / grandparent falls ill ).

The acclaimed author, Stephen Covey, wrote the following about an experience he had

one Sunday morning on a subway in New York :

“People were sitting quietly – some reading newspapers, some lost in thought, some

resting with their eyes closed. It was a calm peaceful scene.

Then suddenly a man and his children entered the subway car. The children were so

loud and rambunctious that instantly the whole climate changed. Continue reading