Erasmus+ HAPPENS Festival in Radomsko

During the Erasmus + HAPPENS Festival in ZSG No. 2, students, parents, teachers and school staff gathered on 9 and 10 June 2017 to spend time together to celebrate the end of the Erasmus + HAPPENS project. We encouraged everyone to do sports and healthy eating. We engaged students of all grades, especially those who were marginalized and had a learning disability, as well as parents, teachers and school staff to prepare and take part in the event. All sorts of attractions, such as traditional games from different countries, volleyball match: adults vs. youth, sports competition with a smile, colorful stands with delicious food. “Flavors of the World” offered dishes from different countries, participants could taste some products of “Sirt food” diet, everyone admired our students dancing Zumba and other artistic dances. Students also presented a show of traditional dances from Erasmus + partner countries. Our students also presented their artistic programs devoted to a healthy lifestyle. Among the guests the mayor and local authorities were also presented.

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ZSG 2 Nature Walk

The students of 3rd grade together with some teachers took part in a mountain trek during which they could admire the beautiful views and wonderful greenery of the trees, as well as fresh mountain air. They also had the opportunity to ride a horse-drawn carriage ride in the beautiful scenery of the mountain landscape.

The students of 6th grade and some staff of our school took part in a walking tour along the cliff and then on the beach. They spent a fantastic time collecting shells, pebbles, playing games and breathing in healthy sea air.


Art Therapy with students – ZSG no 2

The students of 4th and 5th grade of our school took part in art therapy where they expressed their feelings, emotions while listening to music. The students using paint and paper reflected the images caused by the music. They found this activity very relaxing and calming.

We also engaged the students with learning disabilities and those systematically leaving the lessons for art workshops with wood carvings, where they also had the opportunity to spend some wonderful time outdoors playing different games.

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“Wonderful herbs” and “Superfood” in Radomsko

Some of our teachers have conducted classes with the students of 4th and 5th grade about nutritional properties and benefits of herbs. Then the students themselves worked on the search for information on the advantages of different herbs and put them on the worksheets. We did similar activities in search of the benefits of super food.


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