Making Cream – Claddagh NS

Members of Claddagh staff gathered yesterday after school to make a healing cream. There was an interesting mix of staff including a visiting German student teacher. Some members of staff were aware of natural creams and for some it was a brand new experience. Brenda and Michelle had gathered all ingredients including a local “burren” (a limestone region in Co Clare) bees wax. This particular beeswax has quailities very different from commercially produced beeswax as the wax comes from the hives of a small honey producer from this unesco site. The burren is a protected area due to its unusual limestone formations and its very unusual flora.
We used batik posts to melt the almond oil and beeswax, this meant the emulsifying process was much faster than had been achieved at “Brigids Garden”. We found the adding of the tea a little tricky as in some cases the tea separated from the oil/wax mix. We left out the tea in some cases and made a thicker cream. Each participant added their own choice of essential oils. All participants really enjoyed the workshop and we all agreed we learnt a little more about natural products as well as a little more about eachother.
Brenda had sourced small amber glass pots for our cream and our brilliant school secretary made a beautiful label for each jar.
We had many sweeter smelling softer skinned staff in school this morning.