Athens LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities) 25th– 29th of January, 2016

From the 25th to the 29th of January 2016 all partner schools gathered in Haidari, Athens for our first LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities) Meeting.

During this meeting teachers attending the programme had the opportunity to learn and participate in different activities. Some of them were lectures held at Harokopio University of Athens where Ms. Labros S. Sidossis informed us about the “National Action for Health in Primary and Secondary Education” and Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics PhD Maria Maraki fed us in “Mediterranean Nutrition and health in children and adolescence”.

Back at the school Ms. Akrivi Arvaniti, supervisor at the Health Visitors Department in the Thriassio General Hospital Elefsina (Attiki) showed a mastercalss about “Preparing healthy hands for healthy food”.

We also had time to explore sport activities and conferences. The first one was held by PhD Konsantinos D. Tamals, Teacher of Physical Education and Sport Science at University of Athens. The topic was about “Epidemiological evidence for exercise and health in Greek children and Adolescents”. That lecture was followed by an introduction to “Greek Wrestling”, the most ancient Olympic Game, a presentation from Mr. Nikos Papageorgiou and his students.

All partner teachers also participated in a workshop of “Recognition of emotion” by Axiris, Centre for the revenion of Addiction and Promotion of Mental-Social Health.

We all participated in many more activities and workshops organised by the host school and its students. During all the week all participating teachers had the chance to learn more about all these topics and we have all taken back to our schools new ideas an projects which we are now implementing both with students and teachers.


Anna Parkinson and Jennifer Lee from Ireland at the Harokopio University in Athens learning about how Greece has implemented programmes on tackling childhood obesity and about the Mediterranean diet. We just had a workshop in our own school with our staff about what we learned last week! Thanks to the Athens team for all their hard work!

From Cardiff – Athens LTTA

The Happens team at the Athens LTTA.


Monday 25th to Friday 29th of January 2016



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Friday 29th of January 2016


Friday 29th of January 2016