Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Eirwg (Cardiff) -Wales-

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We are a Welsh Medium Primary school over 400 pupils from 3-11 Years old. We are located in the East of Cardiff with 55% of pupils from neither prosperous nor economically disadvantaged backgrounds and 45% from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 17% receive free school meals. We have 18% of pupils registered as SEN and 2 pupils who are statemented. All pupils receive the recommended 2 hours of Physical Education per week as required by the National Curriculum for Wales and in school poll demonstrated that ……….were physically active outside school. We also offer a variety of extra curricular sporting activities. We employ a Physical Education Specialist and have a number of qualified coaches on the staff. Selected age groups across Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 receive a 30 minute session per week based on the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning resources. We follow PSE and ESCDG guidelines to promote healthy living and lifestyle (an aim of Europe 2020) across the curriculum and we link with outside agencies to raise the profile of personal health and safety such as tooth care and e-safety. An Erasmus + project would allow us to share our expertise and improve our wellbeing curriculum. Cardiff Council has a local commitment to tackling obesity in line with the Welsh Government’s Pathway for Tackling Obesity 2010. Welsh Government has also called for the development of ‘resilience and the development of life skills’ to combat poor mental health (Together For Mental Health) Focussing on positive mental health and wellbeing using existing resources and developing and implementing new methods through teacher training would fall in line with this government strategy.

The project will also be organised in a way which will ensure teacher training enriches pupils experience and learning in line with Erasmus+ KA2 Horizontal priorities. We will use new methodologies in particular digital learning to present and disseminate outcomes. We have a number of staff and outside agencies who are willing to contribute to the TTLA and ensure quality teaching is disseminated across the project. Our International Coordinator is also a PE specialist with responsibility for teaching PE across the school from Reception to Year 6 in line with the NC for PE. She is supported within the project by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator and teacher responsible for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning as well as the teacher responsible for PSE and ESCDG and our e-learning Coordinator. As a team we are in contact with a number of outside agencies who support our curriculum delivery and will contribute workshops, case studies and examples of good practice to ensure staff training is up to date and relevant. We also hope to introduce some bespoke courses which meet the needs of the project which can be disseminated to other colleagues during and beyond the life of the project to ensure sustainability.

Here are some activities that year 1 have been working on since our development training in Greece:

From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos
From Cardiff – Bro Eirwg’s Photos

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