11th Primary School of Haidari (Haidari) -Greece-

The 11th Primary School of Haidari is situated in an area west of Athens, which has had high residential development during the last decades. The residents belong mainly to middle socioeconomic classes, are of an average and even higher level of education and work in small businesses, the public sector or are free entrepreneurs. Due to the recession, several families of our students face unemployment and therefore financial difficulties.

Our school has 13 classes and 306 students aged 6-12.Among the students there are several children with learning disabilities and some mild cases on the Autistic Spectrum. For the educational support of these students there is an Introductory Class with permanent specialized staff and a special education teacher for additional support in class. In all, 14 teachers with a permanent position work in the school and additionally 10 more teachers of English, French and German language, PE, ICT, Music, Art and Drama.

Apart from the 13 classrooms and the Introductory Class room there is also a computer room, an Art lab, a multi-activity room, a library and a kitchen. All classrooms are equipped with a laptop and projector and from this year on with interactive whiteboards.

Every year our school takes initiative and undertakes projects on environmental education, culture and health care. Also, the previous school year the PE teacher and the school community participated in the European educational project
Teachers4Europe related to violence and school bullying.

Additionally, our school has implemented a two-year Comenius project(2008-2010) entitled: <<Your Body at Stake>>, the results of which reinforced the members of the school community and modified the behavior of students and their families as regards respect and worth of caring for one’s body. After the graduation of these students and considering the positive influence of the previous project , it seems beneficial and even inevitable to implement a new project of a similar nature with our new students.

In the recent years, due to cutbacks, fewer PE teachers are appointed in schools and there has been an abandonment of the extra- curricular sports and physical activities.

Moreover, the lack of knowledge or even indifference of some of the parents leads to unhealthy eating habits, food disorders and childhood obesity. The school could intervene and modify students’ behavior, promote sports as a physical activity which could relieve sentimental conflicts and improve their low self- esteem and at the same time activate parents and the wider society so as to accept and adopt a healthy way of life targeting at the physical and mental health of the students.

Our intention is to sensitize our students to be active and promote good dietary habits and good physical and mental health. We hope that we will help create a strong bond between students and a healthy way of life.

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