Istituto Comprensivo Alfonso Gatto (Battipaglia) -Italy-

The Comprehensive Education Institute “A.Gatto” is located in 2 Capone street in Battipaglia (Salerno ) It is directed by Mr Fortunato Ricco and has got 1361 students , 120 teachers and 20 employees.

The territory that it serves is rich of social and cultural occasions and centers of integration. It is made up of 5 school complexes: 2 Infant Schools -2 Primary Schools- 1 Secondary School.

Each class of Primary and Secondary School has been equipped with interactive whiteboards in order to give pupils a new , stimulating learning approach.

There are foreign language, science, technology, music, art and computer laboratories. We have a website and use the electronic register. Our school is adopting a new process to improve the didactics innovation through the use of new technologies(ICT).

Besides there are music courses of piano, violin, clarinet and trumpet and a school orchestra

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