Zespol Szkolno (Radomsko) -Poland-

Our school is the oldest school building in our town. Last year, in October we were celebrating a centenary of existence. There are 50 teachers and 593 students of ages 6 to 15 who come from all social classes but working class predominates. A large number of students are the students with special needs. Some of them come from divorced families, some are raised by foster families. Our school employs qualified teachers, school counselor, speech therapist, psychologist, educator reeds.

We take great care of healthy life style. Every day teachers alongside with pupils prepare fresh and healthy bread rolls for sale. They are very popular. Our students also make healthy salads consisting of different tasty ingredients. It happens on regular basis. We realise a program called ‘Hold Form’.

Since 2005 our school has been leading the action “Heart’s adoption at a distance”. We take care of children from Kamerun. Our pupils look after natural environment and animals, too. The club called ‘ANIMALS’ takes care of animals from shelters, collects money for animal food and kennels. The members of the club also feed the wild forest creatures during winter time and observe their behaviour in their natural conditions.

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