Ms. Randle’s 5th Class at Claddagh Plays Mama Bía Nutrition Card Game

mama bia

We had great fun in Ms. Randles’ 5th class playing Mama Bia. We learned the importance of protein in your diet and to keep fat, sugar and calories to a minimum.

Some of us were surprised to learn that certain food items had such a high sugar content. It will definitely help us make better food choices in the future. Is cluiche an-suimiuil é! Bhaineamar an-sult as!

Claddagh National School First Class Food and Exercise Diaries

As part of their homework the children are now completing a food and exercise diary for the week. They fill out the worksheet pictured below. They include their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They also note how many glasses of water they are drinking each day. As well as this they write down the type of exercise they have done and the amount of time they spent at it.

This is making the children and parents more aware of what they are eating and how much exercise they are getting each week.

The children also engage in peer assessment where they review and discuss each other’s diaries.

The Claddagh Daily K

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 07.47.53

The staff and children of Claddagh NS have taken on a new challenge, to run 1km every day! In the news, we heard about a school in Scotland where the children run a mile a day and have noticed that the health and fitness of everyone in the school improved, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. We measured out a route in our school playground – if we run four laps of this route (marked by a yellow painted line) it amounts to over 1000m.

The children in 3rd class designed posters to advertise the Daily K and to encourage everyone to take part. We aim to get every class to jog or run the route once a day as a break between lessons or when they need some fresh air. We have only been doing it for two weeks so far, we were pretty tired at the start but already we are getting fitter. The important thing is we are having fun getting some exercise together! Wish us luck!

From Galway Claddagh School Photos
From Galway Claddagh School Photos
From Galway Claddagh School Photos
From Galway Claddagh School Photos
From Galway Claddagh School Photos

Claddagh School Fourth Class Builds a Weekly Menu


Build a Daily Menu

Build a Weekly Menu

By Mr. Leonard’s 4th Class

Today is Thursday, March 3rd, 2016. Mr. Leonard was not at school today so Ms. Asgard took over.

We built our very own weekly menus in small groups of five. Each child got a plate labelled: Morning, morning snack, Lunch, 2nd Snack and Dinner. There were a lot of foods to choose from. Ms. Asgard put on some silly music and the children in the group had to pick their food items for their meal while the music was playing. When the music stopped, the children had to stop choosing food items.
Each group was given a day’s menu to plan. We had to make sure we didn’t choose too many sugary foods on the menu or choose the same foods too many times in a row. Also we had to make sure we didn’t choose too much food for each meal or snack.
Our Principal, Mr. Gallagher, came down to have a look while we were doing this activity. He said it’s ok to have donuts sometimes because they are really nice.
Mr. Geraghty came to visit as well. He is the teacher in charge of Physical Education at our school. He is super healthy and fit!
After each day group chose their foods, the other children graded the menu. The children stuck the foods onto the plates with Blu-Tak. Ms. Asgard doesn’t understand why children are so fascinated with Blu-Tak but they are!
After that, Ms. Asgard took some photos of the children and their plates. You can see the pictures of us right here!
We had so much fun! We will all think more about choosing healthier foods to eat. We also figured out that if you’re having a special day like a birthday or some other celebration, it’s ok to eat some unhealthy foods but not to do that too often!
Since we were the first class in the school to do this activity with Ms. Asgard, she learned a lot, too. She knows she has to make more beverages (drinks) for the children to choose from and also make some of the foods smaller!
We missed Mr. Leonard today and we know that he would have loved being here!


Ag Sugradh le Cheil (Playing Together) at Claddagh National School

We all know the proven  positive health benefits of laughter and play for children. However, did you know that ‘play’ is also excellent for stress relief for adults as well? One excellent programme which was organised by our school Home School Community Liaison Teacher, Yvonne Fahy, along with the Health Service Executive is the Ag Sugradh le Cheile Programme. (Playing Together Programme)

This programme facilitated the active engagement of play between parents and their children. This benefitted both the children and their parents in terms of keeping children in touch with their parents as well as bringing out the more playful child-like side of their parents. It also allowed parents to learn new creative was of playing with their children which could encourage children to reduce the amount of time spent on ‘screens’ (i.e. tablets, television, games consoles, laptops).

As you can see from the photos, the parents and the children are having  fantastic time playing with each other! Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most healthy for our souls!

Claddagh School Is Awarded the Active Schools Flag!

This week, Claddagh National School had the proud honour of earning the status of ‘Active School.‘ This means that the school has achieved the highest levels of engagement with our students in health and fitness objectives.


According to the website:

“An Active School is a school that strives to achieve a physically educated and physically actives school community. The Success Criteria will guide schools in terms of the ASF requirements and the Sample Improvements will show schools what others have done to achieve the flag.”

As part of the award, one of our students had the honour along with our Principal, Mr. Michael Gallagher ,of raising the Active Flag for the first time. Here is an article written by one of our students from Mr. Leonard’s Fourth Grade Class about this special day!


Today Mr Gallagher came into our room-2

Claddagh Explores Islands of Emotions

After having a successful workshop with a psychologist and sociologist in Athens with our partner school colleagues, our Claddagh teachers, Ms. Asgard, Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Lee are now demonstrating a teaching approach in the curriculum area SPHE and Drama back at our own school. The approach is  called “Islands of Emotions.” They are demonstrating the approach for Claddagh class teachers so that they can learn a new methodology about how to encourage students to explore their own emotions through drama.

Children are encouraged to speak about the sensory (colours, sounds, musical instruments/songs, smells, tastes) feedback they get when feeling particular emotions. They are asked to act out in a body or facial expression how it feels to have that emotion and think deeply about how each emotion feels while one experiences that emotion.

The children in Mr. Walshe’s Fourth Class enjoyed exploring the Islands of Emotions activities with Ms. Asgard. The children now understand how vital it is to share and understand their own emotions; both positive and negative emotions are important to share and understand.

Take and Taste…A Claddagh School Vegetable Initiative

Take a taste. Bring and Eat, Leave at home the Sweets @ St Nicholas Primary School, Claddagh, Co. Galway Ireland!

As part of the Erasmus+ Programme the Nutrition, Rest and Sleep Committee noted there was a need to try an encourage and increase our pupils’ vegetable consumption. The Committee decided to roll out a project which has been named Take a taste, Bring and Eat, Leave at home the sweets.

We are currently in the first stage of the project. Take a Taste. The first stage involves each class tasting two different vegetables twice a week. One vegetable is given on Monday and Wednesday and the second vegetable of the week is given on Tuesday and Thursday.

It was decided the Junior Classes would receive a reward of a sticker each day they tried a new vegetable. The Senior classes have a record sheet on which they receive a tick each time they try a vegetable. When they receive 5 ticks they receive a Homework Pass for written homework. We believe these are great incentives to encourage children to try new vegetables and to enjoy the experience..

Timeline for Take and taste. Continue reading