Super Food!!

Did you know that food can be grouped depending on its colour? And that same colours share many characteristics and properties? So this is what primary students at Martinet School have discovered with this activity. Not only they have group food into different colours but have made a research to see what is behind the common sentence: “This is healthy.. eat it”. What means to be healthy? What  properties benefit our body? Now we have the right answers!!



During the Erasmus week  we had the pleasure to welcome Jordi Fernandez from the Pediatric Team in the Health Department. He showed teachers and families a very successful project that he has carried out in different schools and we may introduce from next year at Martinet School: “INFADIMED: Infància i Dieta Mediterrània” (INFADIMED: childhood and Mediterranean Diet”. The aim of this project is to show students the importance of healthy eating through stories and heroes characters. The target is to set students from 3-years-old in the centre of actions, trying them to be aware what they should eat if they want to be like their heroes. If students learn and choose what they want to eat, they can show their parents at home too!


During the Erasmus week at Martinet school we prepared an exhibition to show most of the exchanged activities and work we have done with other partners. We also prepared some evaluation stars where students, teachers and families could write what they liked most and have learnt with the Erasmus Project at our school. There are very interesting comments!!

“Wonderful Herbs” and “Superfood” (A40-A31)

Students of the 3rd and 4rth grade of the 11th Primary Schoolof Haidari worked in teams and completed their research on Greek Herbs. They organized their work on the template they had been given and they also created some really beautiful posters to present their team work to the other students of our school, to the teachers and the parents too.

Students of the 5th and 6th grade of our school worked in teams on both herbs and superfood and created their own ppt presentations to show their research to the other students, to their parents and to the teachers of  the school.

Well done to all!!!


The Posters of our Erasmus+HAPPENS program

Our  Erasmus+ HAPPENS program  wishes to improve the health and well-being of our school communities through organized actions concerning its three fields of interest which are nutrition, sports and mental health. Based on the rationale of this program which is also stated in our Project Manifesto we have created the following posters. These are aimed to accompany our Project Manifesto and by visualizing its principles, to encourage teachers, students, parents and local  community to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

All four posters depict a scale which is used as a symbol of the balance we need in our lives.

The first poster concerns nutrition and it offers a choice between healthy and unhealthy food stating at the same time which are the consequences of each choice.

nutrition poster

The second poster concerns sports and contrasts physical activity with sedentary life stating once again the consequences of the choice one can make.

sports poster

The third poster concerns mental health and focuses on alienation vs social interaction. The consequences of each of the choices are present so that the readers  can decide bearing in mind what comes along with their decisions.

mental health poster

The fourth poster is somehow the key to the previous ones showing a happy child who has made all the choices that can lead to a balanced life, a life  full of health and well-being.

choices poster (1)