Super Food!!

Did you know that food can be grouped depending on its colour? And that same colours share many characteristics and properties? So this is what primary students at Martinet School have discovered with this activity. Not only they have group food into different colours but have made a research to see what is behind the common sentence: “This is healthy.. eat it”. What means to be healthy? What  properties benefit our body? Now we have the right answers!!


Take and Taste…A Claddagh School Vegetable Initiative

Take a taste. Bring and Eat, Leave at home the Sweets @ St Nicholas Primary School, Claddagh, Co. Galway Ireland!

As part of the Erasmus+ Programme the Nutrition, Rest and Sleep Committee noted there was a need to try an encourage and increase our pupils’ vegetable consumption. The Committee decided to roll out a project which has been named Take a taste, Bring and Eat, Leave at home the sweets.

We are currently in the first stage of the project. Take a Taste. The first stage involves each class tasting two different vegetables twice a week. One vegetable is given on Monday and Wednesday and the second vegetable of the week is given on Tuesday and Thursday.

It was decided the Junior Classes would receive a reward of a sticker each day they tried a new vegetable. The Senior classes have a record sheet on which they receive a tick each time they try a vegetable. When they receive 5 ticks they receive a Homework Pass for written homework. We believe these are great incentives to encourage children to try new vegetables and to enjoy the experience..

Timeline for Take and taste. Continue reading