The Project

“Erasmus+: Health Action Promoting the Physical, Emotional, Nutritional and Social” is a project that is created with the intention of changing the view of different researchs and studies which state concepts like Early School Leaving and Disadvantage (such as socio-economic, linguistic / learning challenges, poor health and mental issues) are noted in Primary School and affecting from that moment on. Many programmes designed to improve ESL were reactionary and deal the problem too late in the school career. Different investigations leads to the concept that one out of four people will undergo a mental / emotional health problem during their life.

Following those and other analysis the objective of Erasmus+:HAPPENS project is to modifying these studies providing teachers, students and their families with tools in order to make them able to face possible mental, physical or nutritional issues, helping them secure a safe and valuable lifestyle. Our will is to spread a new healthy attitude and style, a strong mind in a healthy body, not just to teachers and students, but to the local community and regional social services, making the target participants the bigger the better.

For achieving these targets the partner organisations will arrange and coordinate together activities connected to the three main areas: mental health / emotional education / social health and wellbeing; physical fitness and exercise; nutrition / healthy eating / optimal sleep and rest. These activities will follow different methodological approaches so they will ensure a maximum number of students will take part on them. Activities will be adapted to different age groups and diversity, arranging different options for Special Needs students and other learners with difficulties.

Apart from these activities, it will become essential the participation of teachers from each school to the Learning Teaching Training Activities which will be organised during four different weeks at diverse partners schools, and where all of them will attend conferences, lectures, workshops conducted by experts from universities,, NGOs, local voluntary organisations and specialists. These training sessions will allow participant teachers acquire a valuable knowledge that will be shared with colleagues back at their schools in peer coach sessions. Then each partner organisation will adapt that new expertise in activities to implement with students. All the resultant activities and studies will be shared with families, local community and regional services through different vias: uploading information in the project website; writing reports; workshops and conferences open to the local areas and teachers network in general. With all that the intention of the project is to arrive to the maximum number of individuals as possible. What the project pretends to improve is not just the partners organisations taking part in the project, but all their local communities, creating a network of expertise in Europe.

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