Take and Taste…A Claddagh School Vegetable Initiative

Take a taste. Bring and Eat, Leave at home the Sweets @ St Nicholas Primary School, Claddagh, Co. Galway Ireland!

As part of the Erasmus+ Programme the Nutrition, Rest and Sleep Committee noted there was a need to try an encourage and increase our pupils’ vegetable consumption. The Committee decided to roll out a project which has been named Take a taste, Bring and Eat, Leave at home the sweets.

We are currently in the first stage of the project. Take a Taste. The first stage involves each class tasting two different vegetables twice a week. One vegetable is given on Monday and Wednesday and the second vegetable of the week is given on Tuesday and Thursday.

It was decided the Junior Classes would receive a reward of a sticker each day they tried a new vegetable. The Senior classes have a record sheet on which they receive a tick each time they try a vegetable. When they receive 5 ticks they receive a Homework Pass for written homework. We believe these are great incentives to encourage children to try new vegetables and to enjoy the experience..

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